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Deepinder Goyal | September 13, 2019 | 4 min read
Say hello to our latest app update

The Zomato experience is driven by the discovery of all things food – where to order from, where to eat out, getting the most out of your Gold membership and overall, making the right food decisions. Our engineering and design teams have worked closely over the past weeks to elevate these experiences for you.

As a result, our latest app update built on the foundation of our new design system – Sushi, is out for you and we are nothing but proud to fruition some really cool features this time around. 

Here are some of the key highlights from this update –

One search fits all
The Search bar is now placed at the top and will help you begin discovery at any point in time. Also, when you initiate a search, you’ll get contextual search options. Going forward, wherever you are on the app, you are just a click away from starting a new search all over again.

Sorted and how  
Expect more visibility as far as search is concerned. You can not only toggle easily (read: faster) but also customize your search to get more accurate search results. Moreover, the number of filters have gone up, thus smoothing the whole process – we’ve introduced the most commonly used filters right above your search results for easy access.

All answers under one umbrella
Earlier, different versions of a restaurant page used to exist for delivery and dine out – the app used to reflect our organisational structure more than what a user truly needs. In this release, we have merged all your different information needs (Ratings, Reviews, Menus, Delivery, Gold, Table Reservations) under a single easy to use restaurant storefront page on the Zomato app. You can initiate any and every user action from this single page, without having to play ping pong.

Fastest way to review now
Reviews play a major part in ensuring the neutrality of the Zomato platform. With this update, you can now write about food, service, ambience, cost and crowd in less than 30 seconds. You will now be able to write more nuanced reviews, thanks to the introduction of tags which will not only help compose a more informative review but will also help in deciding which restaurant to dine at or order from. Needless to add, writing a review has never been easier on our app. The information that we glean from such structured reviews will also help us create a more wholesome search and discovery experience for you.

Brand new profile  
Similarly, the profile page has gone completely clutter-free with an all new look to boot. Your profile will now reflect everything about you and gives you an option to add a cover – based on your personality and mood – from a wide variety of images provided by Zomato.

Mind your language 
With operations in 500 cities in India and 10,000+ cities across the world – Language is becoming a key focus area at Zomato. You won’t have to change your device language setting to a preferred language anymore to switch the language in the Zomato app. You can now enjoy a separate language setting built exclusively for the Zomato app irrespective of your device languages. Both these settings can co-exist independently.

Who doesn’t like nightlife?
Across several cities in India and the world, “nightlife” is a key reason for many us dine out. We have now separated this into a distinct experience such that you might get access to bars and pubs offering the best around you. 

On the visual front 
We have a tonne of new and exciting video content for you – the visual goodness of Sneak peek, that brings the visual richness of restaurants to your phone. Also, when you are viewing videos, the app automatically and obviously switches over to dark mode (which btw, will be available for the entire app very soon).

Vox populi 
We’ve received encouraging responses on social media from our users. Most have loved the change while some have shared constructive criticism as well. 

That was all from our side on the new update, can’t wait for you to try it out and experience what we have built for you. Do write to us with your feedback on the new app at feedback@zomato.com – we are listening.

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